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Eco Home

New vision of life in Sri Lanka

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How We Work

Your Dream Our Design

If you do not already have an architect, Engineer CPD can help by providing all designing and building services under one roof.

We work closely with you combining our knowledge and experience with your ideas to produce a unique design that fits not only your dream home but your budget as well. Keeping the design and the cost within the agreed budget is the task to our design & build construction team.

Throughout the entire design phase, the client is advised as to how decisions impact the final cost. Once the design and the cost are finalized, the construction drawings are produced and with the approval of all the parties involved construction work begins.

Construction progress is monitored daily. CPD provides a qualified supervisor at the site until construction is completed

Got a Project in Mind

Whether the project Is large or small, our team is available for a free initial consultation at clients residence, office or the project site

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