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Project Co-ordination


Offered to clients in support of other duties or as a stand-alone appointment, our role is to advise and assist the client on undertaking the measures the client must take to comply with the CPD Regulations during the project. CPD ascertain the scope for the proposed works, including the intended use, projected timescale, preferred procurement method and financial limits.

We assess these criteria and advise on the health and safety implications arising. We research the site and the surrounding lands, providing to prospective contracting companies information on health and safety of persons engaged in construction, maintenance, cleaning and demolition.

We ensure that risks have been recognized and minimized in the principal contractor's construction phase plan. We too employed a qualified supervisor at the site until contract been accomplished.

We ensure that the original project brief is not compromised when design changes are proposed. Our main objective is Turn- Key basis housing projects, starting from very low cost houses to luxury houses suit to your budget. Importantly we assess and advice on the competence of other consultants' and contracting companies' ability to comply with their obligations under the CPD Regulations and as to the adequacy of the resources allocated for this purpose. At the end of the project we will review and explain the health and safety files with the client to ensure that the building can be operated safely.

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